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Estratégia Institucional
IDBImpact+ - Inter-American Development Bank - IDB

The IDB Group’s Institutional Strategy renews the Bank’s mission to be the partner of choice for Latin America and the Caribbean, with a commitment to addressing the region’s vulnerabilities and unlocking its potential to foster transformative social and economic progress while actively combating climate change. It sets the Group’s strategic direction through 2030 to bring a new level of impact and scale in the region, defining a new chapter in our history that we call IDBImpact+.

Three mutually reinforcing objectives are at the core of the Institutional Strategy, driving action across the full range of our development projects.

Family Smiling - Digital-Reduce-Poverty-Sustainable-Development - Inter American Development Bank - IDB Reducing Poverty and Inequality

We are devoted to eradicating extreme poverty and investing in human capital – from education to food security and health to gender equality.

Curly Hair Girl Smiling - Digital-Reduce-Poverty-Sustainable-Development - Inter American Development Bank - IDB Addressing Climate Change

We are dedicated to combating and adapting to climate change, including by safeguarding the Amazon, curbing emissions and preserving biodiversity, while strengthening resilience.

Worker with safety helm smiling - Digital-Reduce-Poverty-Sustainable-Development - Inter American Development Bank - IDB Bolstering Sustainable Growth

We are committed to increasing the region’s long-term growth, by investing in infrastructure, empowering the private sector to drive productivity and innovation, and enhancing regional integration.

To achieve our core objectives, we work in seven areas of operational focus. The first three are addressed through targeted projects as well as through their mainstreaming in diverse sectors to enhance impact.

Biodiversity, Natural Capital and Climate Action

Gender Equality and Inclusion of Diverse Population Groups

Institutional Capacity, Rule of Law and Citizen Security

Social Protection and Human Capital Development

Sustainable, Resilient and Inclusive Infrastructure

Productive Development and Innovation through the Private Sector

Regional Integration

Our approach to serving the region centers around five elements to maximize the delivery of value and results. 
Each leverages our comparative advantages and builds complementarities with other international financial institutions.

A child holding a blue block over his eye - Inter-American Development Bank - IDB Impact Orientation

We are building a true culture of results, restructuring our processes, decision-making and incentives to put impact at the core of our operations.

A person holding two round objects - Inter-American Development Bank - IDB Strategic Selectivity

We are committed to focusing our support to have greater impact, tailoring our efforts to our member countries’ priorities and exploiting synergies across interventions.

A large white bridge with curved supports - Inter-American Development Bank - IDB Effective Instruments and Mobilization

We are enhancing our instruments to maximize our responsiveness, impact, and mobilization to address the region's vulnerabilities and heterogeneous contexts.

A large solar panel field - Inter-American Development Bank - IDB Public-Private Synergies

We are creating a powerful continuum of public-sector and private-sector investments and solutions through a better-aligned IDB, IDB Invest and IDB Lab.

A group of women in a greenhouse - Inter-American Development Bank - IDB Knowledge

We are maximizing our value as a knowledge bank, generating and disseminating research and insights that help foster development impact at scale.

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Solid corporate foundations will enable our success: robust financial capacity, strong processes and systems, and an internal culture of impact and meritocracy.

Download the Institutional Strategy (Portuguese)


Accountability is key. 

Our Institutional Strategy was informed by the broadest public-consultation process in our history. A new Impact Framework will monitor and measure our performance against ambitious targets.



We have a new approach that unifies and focuses the work of the IDB, IDB Invest and IDB Lab under one goal.

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Amazonia Forever

A holistic umbrella program for the sustainable development of the region, which aims to work together on forest and climate conservation and to improve people's quality of lives, offering economic alternatives.

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BID for the Americas

Businesses worldwide can unlock billions in untapped economic opportunities across the region by leveraging the IDB’s experience, networks, and commitment to transparency, equality, governance, and sustainability.

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‘América en el Centro’

The program to bolster integration, resilience and social development in Central America and the Dominican Republic.

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