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Fac.y Diseno Carretera Mahaica-Rosignol

Detalle del Proyecto



Número de Proyecto


Fecha de aprobación

Octubre 12, 1999

Etapa del Proyecto


Tipo de Proyecto

Cooperación Técnica





Instrumento de préstamo


Código del instrumento de préstamo




Tipo de establecimiento


Categoría de Impacto Ambiental y Social


Costo Total

USD 604,095.00

Financiamiento de Contrapartida del País

USD 78,795.00


USD 525,300.00

Información Financiera
Número de Operación Tipo de préstamo Moneda de Referencia Fecha del informe Fecha de Firma del Contrato Fondo Instrumento Financiero
ATN/JF-6695-GY SG USD - Dólar americano Japan Special Fund No Reembolsable
Número de Operación ATN/JF-6695-GY
  • Tipo de préstamo: SG
  • Moneda de Referencia: USD - Dólar americano
  • Fecha del informe:
  • Fecha de Firma del Contrato:
  • Fondo: Japan Special Fund
  • Instrumento Financiero: No Reembolsable
Published 2019
Caribbean Region Quarterly Bulletin: Volume 8 Issue 1: March 2019
The March 2019 Caribbean Region Quarterly Bulletin focuses on a specific challenge for the Caribbean economies – insufficient financial inclusion, which can hold back growth, development, and efforts to reduce poverty. Emerging research suggests positive linkages between financial depth, access to finance, and development outcomes, including economic growth and poverty reduction. For firms – particularly small and newly established enterprises – access to financial services is associated with stronger innovation, job creation, and growth performance. Other research also finds a strong positive relationship between financial inclusion and income equality. In this context, many countries around the world have begun to design financial development and inclusion strategies and polices with the aim of supporting faster and more inclusive economic growth. The regional and country-specific briefs in this Quarterly Bulletin focus on these issues in an effort to go beyond the headline data and examine the key factors that may be holding back financial development, access, and inclusion in the Caribbean. The analysis considers a number of related indicators linked to common challenges facing small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals in accessing credit and financial services. Related policy initiatives and options are also explored, with a view to highlighting country-specific recommendations with the potential to support broader financial access and inclusion.
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