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Creatividad y Cultura
Creativity and Culture

We collaborate across sectors within the IDB to foster economic growth, promote inclusivity, and stimulate job creation. Our primary focus lies in harnessing the inherent value of art, creativity, and culture as catalysts for development.

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Art and Transformation Creative Economy

We use art, culture, and creativity as tools for communication, and to foster a culture of innovation within the IDB. Furthermore, we promote and strengthen the Bank’s strategic role in showcasing Latin American and Caribbean culture through our exhibitions, IDB’s Art Collection, cultural events, and special programs.  

One of our most notable initiatives in the cultural sector has been assembling an art collection that reflects the cultural diversity of IDB member countries and serve as educational, promotional and equity vehicles for those wishing to learn about the region’s deep artistic roots.

Exhibition showing plants a ladder and the silhouette of a man Exhibitions

Explore our multidisciplinary exhibitions featuring contemporary artists from Latin America and the Caribbean, addressing the region’s development challenges through the lens of creativity and culture.

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Our collection seeks to positively impact development by harnessing creativity and highlighting the power of art as an effective tool for innovative thinking.

A woman's face is shown on a mural Special Projects

Discover our specially crafted initiatives, both digital and site-specific, that highlight the role of arts, culture, and creativity as tools for communication and social transformation in the region.

Healing a Broken World

Art and culture have always contributed to envisioning human possibility, encouraging collective imagination, and creating pathways for change that touch every aspect of our societies, from the economic to the spiritual to the social to the technological.

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At the IDB, we strive to position the economic value and impact of the creative industries—goods and services based on talent, intellectual property, connectivity, and cultural heritage—through outreach, technical assistance, content development, and strategic partnerships. We transform culture and creativity into assets.

We work in a cross-sector collaborations way with several sectors in the Bank to ignite the creative ecosystem, empower SMEs, drive inclusion, spur employment, digitize industries, and enhance urban development through culture and creativity.

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People experience different forms of art and culture Intersectoral approach
Public policy

We work with an intersectoral approach in the discussion of public policies for the sector that strengthens the cultural and creative industries, and reactivates the economy through employment, new technologies and inclusion.

As part of our commitment, we established a dynamic network of creative industries with LACs Ministries of Culture. In 2021, we hosted our First Regional Policy Dialogue, and we've since crafted valuable post-pandemic policy recommendations to support the recovery of these sectors. 

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Cutting-edge knowledge

Through pioneering studies, we illuminate the path for informed decisions and effective policies in the creative economy. Our insights on culture's impact, job potential, and sustainable solutions drive regional development. Explore our accessible resources that include publications, courses, podcasts, blogs and more.

Creative Industries: Culture, Art and Creativity
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About the IDB

We design and enable innovative and effective solutions that promote inclusive and sustainable development in the region.

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Learn about the diverse projects and initiatives we support working for sustainable and inclusive development in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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