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Processo de Consulta Pública

Public Consultation Process

IDB Group Institutional Strategy

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Public Consultation Process

In 2023, the IDB, IDB Invest, and IDB Lab conducted the broadest public consultation process in its history to design an institutional strategy.  With the participation of more than 1,840 government, private sector, and society actors from 43 countries, more than 6,200 inputs and comments were processed, and we were able to receive key perspectives for the design of the new Institutional Strategy, the roadmap that will guide the institution in the next six years.

Through this dashboard, we share the results of the public consultation process for the design of the new Institutional Strategy. 73 real-time consultations (face-to-face and hybrid format) were conducted in IDB member countries and one online or asynchronous consultation was conducted between June and August 2023 that was open for 50 days.



The consultation focused on the following questions:

What do you think the IDB Group should do to effectively support and accelerate the development agendas of your country and the Region?
What characteristics should the IDB Group strengthen in order to position itself as the most reliable partner in Latin America and the Caribbean by 2030?
What kind of knowledge products do you expect from the IDB Group to improve its impact and position itself as the knowledge benchmark for the region?
Given the social, fiscal and growth challenges for the region, what should be the most relevant priorities for the IDB Group in the next 7 years?
Where do you see the greatest opportunities to make an impact through increased public-private dialogue and the combination of public and private sector solutions?

We have a new approach that unifies and focuses the work of the IDB, IDB Invest and IDB Lab, with one foundational goal.

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Institutional Strategy

A roadmap for comprehensive reforms and measurable objectives, designed to achieve a new level of development effectiveness and reach.

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An Empowered IDB Invest

A new, industry-leading business model and a fresh injection of capital to enable greater development gains through the private sector

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A new vision for IDB Lab

A more systemic approach, with greater catalytic power, to cultivate innovation ecosystems across the region

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