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L'Amérique latine et les Caraïbes dans le cadre du PISA
L'Amérique latine et les Caraïbes dans le cadre du PISA

Every three years, the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) evaluates what 15-year-old students know and can do in science, reading and mathematics.

age or Video people dressed in uniform reading a book Educational - Inter-American Development Bank - IDB
PISA 2022: How Did the Region Do?

Find out what PISA shows for the 14 countries participating in the region. Latin America and the Caribbean is located in the bottom half of the global ranking of educational quality in the three subjects analyzed, reading, mathematics and science, with better positioning in the first. (Content available in Spanish)

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A child using a laptop Educational - Inter-American Development Bank - IDB Low Performance: Mathematics, Reading, Science

Three out of four students have low performance in mathematics, and half of the region's students need basic reading skills. Between 2018 and 2022, this percentage increased in almost all countries in the region.

People sitting writing at a table Educational - Inter-American Development Bank - IDB Short- and Long-Term Trends in the Region

Only three countries in the region show positive long-term trends in mathematics. Almost all show positive trends in reading and science.

A person looking at a microscope Educational - Inter-American Development Bank - IDB Record Participation in the Region

PISA evaluates the knowledge and skills in mathematics, science and reading of 15-year-old students in at least seventh grade. It assesses whether students have the knowledge and whether they can extrapolate from what they have learned.

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Centro de Información para la Mejora de los Aprendizajes (CIMA)

Explorez et naviguez dans CIMA, une plateforme innovante qui présente des informations sur 40 indicateurs comparables dans tous les systèmes éducatifs d'Amérique latine et des Caraïbes. Sur ce site Web, vous pouvez trouver des données provenant des évaluations PISA et d'autres études internationales. 

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