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Préparation, évaluation et approbation du projet
Préparation, évaluation et approbation du projet

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Effectiveness for Improving Lives

Purpose and Scope

To establish general guidelines for the preparation, analysis, and approval of projects. The following guidelines are applicable to all the Bank's lending operations.

Basic Guidelines

Bank-financed projects shall:

Contribute effectively to the economic and social development of the regional member countries.

Be consistent with the principles set forth in the Agreement Establishing the Bank with regard to the use of Bank resources.

Be technically, economically, and environmentally sound, financially secure, and take place in an adequate legal and institutional framework.

Help to maintain the Bank's reputation as a financial agency in the international markets.

Project Objectives

The goals of a project must be clearly established, realistic, and consistent with the country priorities and development strategies defined in the operations programming process.

Project Cycle

From the time a project is conceived and throughout its different stages (identification, preparation, analysis, negotiation, approval, and execution), the Bank examines the need for the project and its feasibility though technical, socioeconomic, financial, legal, and environmental analysis and ex ante evaluations; it examines the institutional capacity of the borrower and/or executing agency to attain the desired goals; it establishes the necessary actions and defines the policy measures required to process the operation; it arranges for a final agreement on the project with the country and submits it to the Bank's authorities for approval; and it oversees project execution and administers the operation.

Prevailing Reference Document: GP­97­1, September 1980.


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