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Actualización de la Evaluación Regional del Sector Residuos Sólidos en America L
The main objective of this Technical Cooperation (TC) is: a) to update the last Latin-American and Caribbean urban solid waste sector regional evaluation report ¿ including additional waste streams, e.g.: food, industrial, hazardous, medical, etc., b) creating and disseminating a public and user friendly on-line platform for its consultation, and c) establishing a systemized methodology for the periodic revision of the evaluation. In addition, and based on this update effort, the TC will also d) support the creation of two additional sub-portals of the on-line platform: a urban solid waste sector and risk management interactive decision-making resource, and a urban solid waste recycling sector value quantification tool (as part of the former sub-portal), both designed for supporting public policy design and implementation initiatives. The report update products offer the following main benefits from the Bank¿s point of view: i) serve as analytical tools for preparing new operations and developing customized action plans for governmental institutional and technical support and monitoring, and ii) serve as learning tools for building the capacity of governments.

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Fecha de aprobación

Diciembre 9, 2015

Etapa del Proyecto


Tipo de Proyecto

Cooperación Técnica





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USD 750,000.00

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USD 0.00


USD 750,000.00

Información Financiera
Número de Operación Tipo de préstamo Moneda de Referencia Fecha del informe Fecha de Firma del Contrato Fondo Instrumento Financiero
ATN/MA-15432-RG SG USD - Dólar americano Multidonor AquaFund No Reembolsable
Número de Operación ATN/MA-15432-RG
  • Tipo de préstamo: SG
  • Moneda de Referencia: USD - Dólar americano
  • Fecha del informe:
  • Fecha de Firma del Contrato:
  • Fondo: Multidonor AquaFund
  • Instrumento Financiero: No Reembolsable

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Etapa de Implementación
Approved TC document
Apoyo en desarrollo de la Actualización de la Evaluación del Manejo de Residuos Sólidos Urbanos [40200463].PDF
Mar. 24, 2016

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