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Determinación de los inversores privados en infraestructura en ALC

COMPONENT I: Mapping the current private investment in infrastructure in LAC This TC will develop a snapshot of the current situation and the historical evolution of the financing of private investment in LAC. To this purpose, this proposal will analyze the different financing channels in infrastructure investment. Specifically, three research questions will be addressed: a) how much the private sector invests through each of the financing channels available (debt or equity; bonds, different funds, stock market, etc.); b) who are the main players in the infrastructure market by financing channel; and c) how specifically different sources flow from the financers to the infrastructure projects¿. COMPONENT II: New players and future trends in private infrastructure investment in LAC: the role of pension and infrastructure funds The objective of the second component is to analyze in particular the role of players which have been up to now relatively marginal, but which can play a major role in the near future. Based on a preliminary review, pension and infrastructure funds stand out as actors with a huge potential role. To shed some light on these actors, this component will develop a set of surveys to collect quantitative and qualitative data on these investment channels in the region. COMPONENT III: Case study on private investment in infrastructure at a country level. With the aim of fueling discussion, this TC will be supplemented by a case study based on two or three countries to be determined. Ideally, these countries should have different levels of private sector participation in order to study the causes affecting private sector participation in the financing of infrastructure and its consequences in the overall investment in infrastructure. Colombia, Peru and Uruguay are initial candidates for this third component.

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Febrero 11, 2016

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Cooperación Técnica





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Probablemente cause un mínimo o ningún impacto ambiental negativo y social asociado

Costo Total

USD 750,000.00

Financiamiento de Contrapartida del País

USD 150,000.00


USD 600,000.00

Información Financiera
Número de Operación Tipo de préstamo Moneda de Referencia Fecha del informe Fecha de Firma del Contrato Fondo Instrumento Financiero
ATN/OC-15496-RG SG USD - Dólar americano Ordinary Capital No Reembolsable
Número de Operación ATN/OC-15496-RG
  • Tipo de préstamo: SG
  • Moneda de Referencia: USD - Dólar americano
  • Fecha del informe:
  • Fecha de Firma del Contrato:
  • Fondo: Ordinary Capital
  • Instrumento Financiero: No Reembolsable

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Etapa de Implementación
Approved TC document
TC document RG-T2643.pdf
Apr. 06, 2017

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