Modernization of the IDB Environmental and Social Policies
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Improving the Environmental and Social Sustainability of IDB Operations

Modernizing IDB Environmental and Social Policies

From 1998 through 2010, the IDB adopted a series of environmental and social safeguards, that were established under five separate policies to help ensure that potentially negative environmental and social impacts were adequately assessed, managed, and mitigated in IDB operations.

In order to more effectively respond to the challenges faced by countries in the Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) Region, the IDB is updating its environmental and social policies to enhance environmental and social sustainability outcomes in our operations.

The modernization process will develop a new safeguards policy framework that incorporates both environmental and social aspects in an integrates policy.  The team is preparing a draft policy framework which is expected to be submitted to the IDB Board of Directors by the end of October 2019 for public consultation.

The preparation stage of the modernization process will culminate in the development of the Environmental and Social Policy Framework (ESPF) in September 2020. The ESPF is expected to be implemented starting in 2021.

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How can you Participate in the Modernization Process?

Participate in this process

There are two ways to participate in this open, transparent and inclusive consultation process.

  1. Web-based consultations: Interested parties will have the opportunity to submit feedback through this website or by sending an email at:
  2. In-person consultations in two stages: 
  • Initial consultation stage: on August 8th and 12th we held two in-person workshops in Washington, DC with Indigenous Peoples and Civil Society Organizations to discuss lessons learned from the implementation of existing environmental and social policies.
  • In-person consultations on the proposed new Environmental and Social Policy Framework: The IDB will hold consultative meetings in Latin American and Caribbean countries, at IDB Headquarters in Washington, DC, and in other member countries.

Stay tuned for updates on the consultation schedule. Please register here to receive additional information.