Resumen Mensual de Operaciones

El Resumen Mensual de Operaciones (MOS, por sus sigla en inglés), ofrece información sobre el estado de avance los proyectos planificados por el Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID).

Las Naciones Unidas producen un Reporte que ofrece información sobre oportunidades de negocios generadas a través del BID, los bancos regionales de desarrollo como el Banco Mundial y otros organismos de desarrollo. Este informe está disponible por una suscripción en línea o impreso.

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  • Neighborhood Improvement Program IV individual operation

    The objective of this operation is to improve the habitability of households located in informal settlements in the country. This proposed fourth individual operation is framed by the CCLIP AR-X1004 which aims to improve the quality of life and contribute to the urban and social inclusion of Argentine households in the poorest segments of the population.

    Project Number: AR-L1287

    Funded by: IDB


    Estimated Total Cost: 200,000,000

    Amount: 200,000,000

  • Social and Urban Integration Program in Greater Buenos Aires

    The general objective of the CCLIP and first operation is to contribute to improve the living conditions of the population of the villages, slums and housing complexes of the Province of Buenos Aires (PBA) through interventions of social and urban integration.

    Project Number: AR-L1288

    Funded by: IDB


    Estimated Total Cost: 125,000,000

    Amount: 100,000,000

  • Water and Sanitation Program for Urban and Suburban Centers (PAyS III)

    The objective of the program is to expand coverage and improve management of water and sanitation services in the country's major urban centers and cities of more than 50,000 inhabitants. This objective is to be achieved by: (i) helping to make water and sanitation service providers more efficient and sustainable; (ii) undertaking renovation, rehabilitation, upgrading, and expansion works for water and sewer services; and (iii) supporting ENOHSA and strengthening the planning and regulatory functions of subnational entities.

    Project Number: AR-L1290

    Funded by: IDB


    Estimated Total Cost: 150,000,000

    Amount: 100,000,000

  • Program to Support the Integrated Public Expenditure Management

    The program seeks to modernize fiscal, budgetary and financial management at a technological and functional level, through the implementation of an integral management model focused on results and improving the quality of administrative systems for the management of service delivery to citizens at the federal level.

    Project Number: AR-L1292

    Funded by: IDB


    Estimated Total Cost: 40,000,000

    Amount: 40,000,000

  • Proyecto de mejora del corredor de la ruta provincial No. 82, Provincia de Mendoza

    The objective is to foster efficiency in logistics in Mendoza

    Project Number: AR-L1293

    Funded by: IDB

    Sector: TRANSPORT

    Estimated Total Cost: 50,000,000

    Amount: 50,000,000

  • Social and Urban Integration Program for Informal Neighborhoods

    Promote the social and urban integration of the Popular Districts (BP) of the country, providing comprehensive responses in urban planning and security in tenure, human and productive development, urban infrastructure, and governmental and community institutional strengthening according to social vulnerability level and particular conditions from each neighborhood.

    Project Number: AR-L1306

    Funded by: IDB


    Estimated Total Cost: 50,000,000

    Amount: 50,000,000

  • Satellite Technology Development Program (PROSAT II)

    Strengthen scientific and engineering capabilities to design, build and operate satellite systems for earth observation and develop and implement applications with high socio-economic impact based on satellite data.

    Project Number: AR-L1310

    Funded by: IDB


    Estimated Total Cost: 91,000,000

    Amount: 60,000,000

  • Program of Strengthening and Integration of Health Networks of the Province of Buenos Aires

    Support the first stage of improvement of public services prioritized by the PBA

    Project Number: AR-L1312

    Funded by: IDB

    Sector: HEALTH

    Estimated Total Cost: 150,000,000

    Amount: 150,000,000

  • Contingent Loan for Natural Disaster Emergencies

    The objective of the operation is to help mitigate the impact that a severe or catastrophic natural disaster could have on the country's public finances, by increasing the availability, stability, and efficiency of contingent financing to deal with emergencies caused by events of this type.

    Project Number: AR-O0008

    Funded by: IDB


    Estimated Total Cost: 300,000,000

    Amount: 300,000,000

  • Support the Inclusion of Climate Considerations in Planning and Investments in Cities under the Socio-Urban Integration Program in Popular Districts

    The objective of this TC is to support the vertical integration of Argentina's NDC, through the incorporation of mitigation and adaptation actions to climate change in the planning and investment processes of the Socio-Urban Integration Program in Popular Districts, allowing for the strengthening of the vertical logic implementation of the NDC . Specific objectives:1) Support in the design and preparation of projects that allow modeling future interventions with a climate change perspective.2) Develop an innovative approach to the comprehensive approach to the socio-productive problems of popular neighborhoods with a climate change perspective.3) Generate concrete knowledge that can be used for replicability in RENABAP neighborhoods across the country in terms of resilient and low carbon urban planning.4) Strengthen the technical capacities of the Secretariat of Social and Urban Integration (SISU) in terms of sustainability and climate change.

    Project Number: AR-T1220

    Funded by: IDB


    Estimated Total Cost: 430,000

    Amount: 430,000

  • Human Capital Development to Improve the Competitiveness of the Textile Sector in Argentina

    The objective of this project is to improve the competitiveness of the textile industry in Argentina and increase the creation of quality jobs through the development and upgrade of skills in the workforce. To achieve this goal, a new training program tailored to firms' demands will be developed together with the implementation of a scholarship and internship programs.

    Project Number: AR-T1223

    Funded by: IDB


    Estimated Total Cost: 900,000

    Amount: 500,000

  • First partial credit guarantee for investment projects under the program of support for the financing of productive infrastructure in Argentina

    Promote private participation in the projects that are part of the RARS Stage I program to contribute to economic growth in Argentina. The program will help mitigate the risks that inhibit private financing for productive development through: (i) attracting a significant volume of private investment; and (ii) promote the financing of RARS Phase I projects that mitigate country-risk considerations with the financing needs of the projects

    Project Number: AR-U0002

    Funded by: IDB


    Estimated Total Cost: 490,000,000

    Amount: 490,000,000