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Project number País Setor Project title Financing Status Approval date
CO-L1288 Colombia EDUCATION Program to improve access and graduation in higher education. 81,500,000.00 Preparation N/A
CO-L1289 Colombia FINANCIAL MARKETS Program to Support Access to Sustainable and Inclusive Productive Credit for Colombian MSMEs 200,000,000.00 Preparation N/A
CO-L1291 Colombia SOCIAL INVESTMENT Program to strengthen equality and equity policies aimed at women and diverse populations in Colombia. 500,000,000.00 Preparation N/A
CO-L1294 Colombia TRANSPORT Regional Connectivity Improvement Program - Section I 200,000,000.00 Preparation N/A
CO-L1296 Colombia PRIVATE FIRMS AND SME DEVELOPMENT Fibrazo: Digital Inclusion - Connecting the Neighborhoods of Latin America and the Caribbean 2,000,000.00 Preparation N/A
CO-L1297 Colombia ENERGY SUNCO: Electrifying development in dispersed rural areas. 2,000,000.00 Preparation N/A
CO-O0014 Colombia TRANSPORT CCLIP for Bogota Metro Second Line 500,000,000.00 Preparation N/A
CO-T1714 Colombia SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Institutional strengthening for the formulation, implementation and monitoring of mission-oriented Research, Development and Innovation policies 200,000.00 Preparation N/A
CO-T1715 Colombia PRIVATE FIRMS AND SME DEVELOPMENT Support for the design and implementation of innovative solutions to boost productive transformation 150,000.00 Preparation N/A
CO-T1716 Colombia REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Support for the Program for Sustainable and Equitable Fiscal Policies 125,000.00 Preparation N/A
CO-T1734 Colombia PRIVATE FIRMS AND SME DEVELOPMENT SOCIAL IMPACT BONDS, PHASE II: Scaling Up Results Based Finance Interventions in Peru and Colombia 2,011,438.00 Preparation N/A
CR-L1151 Costa Rica TRANSPORT Road Infrastructure and Urban Mobility Program: resilient connectivity and urban interventions 225,000,000.00 Preparation N/A
CR-T1262 Costa Rica SOCIAL INVESTMENT Economic and social reintegration of survivors of human trafficking by expanding economic opportunities in the digital era in Costa Rica 300,000.00 Preparation N/A
CR-T1270 Costa Rica ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL DISASTERS Support for the Design and Implementation of the Sustainable Agro-landscapes Initiative for Carbon Neutrality in the Agricultural and Forestry Sector in Costa Rica 500,000.00 Preparation N/A
DR-L1157 Dominican Republic AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT Financial Program to Promote Sustainable Investments and Improve Productivity in the Dominican Republic Agricultural Sector 95,000,000.00 Preparation N/A
DR-L1161 Dominican Republic AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT Irrigation improvement and climate change adaptation in Yuna Watershed 150,000,000.00 Preparation N/A
DR-L1162 Dominican Republic REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Climate Action for Sustained Economic Growth Program 300,000,000.00 Preparation N/A
DR-T1258 Dominican Republic REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Support for the strengthening of tax policy and administration, public expenditure management and fiscal sustainability in the Dominican Republic 145,000.00 Preparation N/A
DR-T1261 Dominican Republic ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL DISASTERS Support to the implementation of the Sustainable Coastal Management Project 500,000.00 Preparation N/A
DR-T1267 Dominican Republic FINANCIAL MARKETS Improvement of the institutional capacity of Banco Agrícola to support the execution of the loan DR-L1157 150,000.00 Preparation N/A