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Project number Country Setor Project title Financing Status Approval date
RG-T3059 Regional URBAN DEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING Local Housing Solutions and Private Sector Involvement: Korean Experience for LAC Cities 0.45 Approved April 18, 2018
HO-T1249 Honduras ENERGY Support for the Sustainable Development of Renewable Energy in Honduras 0.83 Approved April 17, 2018
PE-T1388 Peru AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT Exchange between Mexico and Peru in the Implementation of Irradiation Plants for Agricultural Use 0.02 Approved April 17, 2018
PE-T1398 Peru REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Institutional Strengthening of the General Comptroller's Office 0.30 Implementation April 13, 2018
RG-T3213 Regional SOCIAL INVESTMENT Setting up a Behavioural Insights Function in the Social Sector (SCL) 0.25 Implementation April 13, 2018
PE-T1385 Peru ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL DISASTERS Phase II of Support for Implementation of the National Strategy for Reducing Emissions from Avoided Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Peru 5.00 Approved April 12, 2018
RG-T3195 Regional WATER AND SANITATION Eye on Latin America and The Caribbean at World Water Week 2018-2019 0.30 Implementation April 10, 2018
HA-T1257 Haiti EDUCATION Innovative Experiences Transforming Early Childhood Development 0.02 Implementation April 06, 2018
PN-T1197 Panama PRIVATE FIRMS AND SME DEVELOPMENT Support to the Creative and Cultural Ecosystem of Panama 0.40 Implementation April 05, 2018
RG-T3178 Regional AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT Sustainable intensification of family farming in Peru and Bolivia 0.30 Approved April 05, 2018
RG-T3180 Regional AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT Early Warning System to the Management of the Late Potato Blight 0.30 Approved April 05, 2018
RG-T3181 Regional AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT Innovation and intensification for the adaptation to climate change of extensive family farming 0.30 Approved April 05, 2018
RG-T3182 Regional AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT More Rice with Less Emissions and Lower Water Consumption 0.30 Approved April 05, 2018
RG-T3187 Regional ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL DISASTERS Online Course on Disaster Risk and Climate Change Analysis 0.25 Implementation April 04, 2018
CR-T1174 Costa Rica EDUCATION The Crystal Ball for Jobs of the Future in Costa Rica 1.00 Approved March 30, 2018
RG-T3222 Regional OTHER Contingent Recovery Public-Private Partnership Preparation Program 5.00 Approved March 30, 2018
EC-T1382 Ecuador AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT Support to MAG in the impact evaluation of SIGTIERRAS and in the preparation of a second phase 0.50 Implementation March 29, 2018
BH-T1063 Bahamas SOCIAL INVESTMENT Support for the Implementation of the Impact Evaluation of Apprenticeship Program and Blockchain pre-Pilot in The Bahamas 0.20 Implementation March 28, 2018
DR-T1180 Dominican Republic EDUCATION Exchange of Experiences of Tegional Programs to Improve the Quality of Life of Young People 0.01 Implementation March 28, 2018
AR-T1197 Argentina EDUCATION Improving Education Management and Innovation in the Province of Mendoza 0.70 Approved March 26, 2018