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TC9807126 : Support for Secondary Education I

Project Status: Closed

The Secondary Education I project (DR0112) supports a broader sectoral project in secondary education in the Dominican Republic. The objective of this project is to modernize and expand coverage with improved quality and efficiency in secondary education to better respond the emerging needs of the current labor market and society. The specific components of the project will seek to: 1) increase enrollment; 2) enhance the quality of services through curriculum development and improvements in teacher training; 3) build management capacity; and 4) establish an accreditation system for secondary level institutions. This loan project will address: 1) a modernization of the structure of the subsector; 2) establishing a framework for expansion of the system; 3) improvements to the quality of secondary education including teacher training; and 4) rehabilitation and construction of infrastructure. Description. The technical assistance fund is requested to perform diagnostics of the subsector. The work program of the technical assistance is anticipated to be conducted from February, 1999 through October, 1999, and will cost approximately US$500,000 with approximately 20 percent counterpart.

Project Detail

Número do Projeto
Project Country
Dominican Republic
Project Sector
Project Subsector
Tipo de Projeto
Technical Cooperation
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Financial Information

Número do Projeto
Project Status

Financiamento BID

Financing type
Japan Special Fund
Reporting currency
USD - United States Dollar
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Total Cost
USD 466,800
Country counterpart financing
USD 43,000
USD 423,800

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