Secteur du changement climatique et développement durable



Juan Pablo Bonilla

Directeur du Secteur du changement climatique et développement durable

The Climate Change and Sustainable Development Sector (CSD) advises Management on climate change and sustainable development issues and develops overall Bank policies, strategies, operational guidelines and programs in these areas.  It is also responsible for conducting relevant sector research, analytical work, best sector practices and case studies on climate change and sustainability and provides specialized technical sector support to climate change and sustainability related operations and activities.

CSD conceptualizes, prepares, supports the execution of and supervises the IDB’s operations related to forestry, biodiversity, agriculture development, tourism, sustainable cities, and climate change.  Its additionality relies on the support it provides to operations in other sectors (IFD, INE, SCL, and the IIC) so as to mainstream climate change and sustainability considerations to improve their effectiveness.

As climate change and sustainability have been identified as key topics requiring a holistic approach, CSD provides an innovative technical coordination of specialized initiatives and funds, disseminates cutting edge research to support the integration of climate change and sustainability programs; and fosters a network of cities in the region to share knowledge, lessons learned and best practices.