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Flexible Financing (OC)

The IDB offers Ordinary Capital (OC) sovereign borrowers flexible financing solutions to further borrower’s risk management capabilities in projects, lending programs and asset-liability management strategies.

Flexible Financing Facility (FFF) Through built-in options in FFF loans, borrowers have the ability to tailor financial terms at approval or during the life of a loan. The FFF platform —LIBOR-based financing with embedded options—enables clients to manage currency and interest rate risks. In addition, to address project changing needs, borrowers can also customize FFF loan repayment terms to better manage liquidity risks.

Local Currency Financing (LCF) As part of currency risk management options offered by the FFF, borrowers can choose to obtain financing in their own currency or in alternative regional currencies at inception or during the life of a loan. In addition, the IDB offers guarantees in local currency (LC).

Management of Legacy Financial Products Borrowers can transform loans under legacy financial products into flexible, market-based financing. This added flexibility enables borrowers to manage their loan portfolio with the IDB to better suit their debt management programs.

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