Visionarios JK
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Frequently asked questions

Can my organization compete if it participated in the past?

Yes, if it participated in the past, but if it won a prize, it is not eligible to compete again.

Can an organization that is part of a government participate?

No, the competition is for nongovernmental organizations only.

If the organization receives funds from the national or local government, can it participate?

Yes, it can participate.

Does innovation have to be related to the use of new technology?

No, not necessarily. Innovation can refer to a new type of social organization or a new method of strengthening, or it can apply to any area of a project.

Can individuals compete?

No, the award is for organizations and institutions only.

Does the organization have to say what it will spend the money on?

Not in advance, but it will be required to submit a report to the Bank a posteriori on how the prize money was used.

My organization already won but the nomination would correspond to work in a different country. Can I nominate the same organization but for its work in other country?

No, the same organization cannot compete.

My organization won several years ago but we have developed innovative initiatives since that we would like to submit. Can we compete again? How many years must an organization wait to participate again?

Previous winners cannot compete.

Can independent projects be submitted without belonging to any institution?

No, they must belong to an institution/organization enrolled as legal  entities.

Does my institution have to be enrolled as a legal entity?

Yes, for more than 5 years.

Who gets rewarded at JK Visionaries?

The award is given to the institution/organization, not to a specific project.

How is the selection process?

The selection process has 4 phases: Phase 1: verification of compliance of requirements; Phase 2: selection of finalists by the Technical Selection Committee; Phase 3: eligibility check, due diligence and visits to the institutions; Phase 4: selection of winners by the Executive Selection Committee.

When is the deadline for submission of proposals?

The deadline has been extended to May 29, 2020.