Urban Transport



When was the last time you heard someone say: "This year the traffic got better!"

Urban mobility in Latin America generally worsens year by year, as a result of the rapid growth of the automobile fleet. Although the ten main cities of Latin America are responsible for more than 30% of the regional GDP, their residents spend more than an hour a day on transportation. Economic growth will bring higher motorization rates and an increase in the number of trips per person. Growing congestion is a multidimensional problem that requires the design of comprehensive policies and programs.

The Bank supports initiatives aimed at promoting urban mobility (i) productive, which favors efficient use of road space; (ii) clean, which mitigates the problems of pollution and climate change; (iii) multimodal, and integrated with the urban environment and; (iv) inclusive, affordable and safe for all; (v) innovative in the testing and adoption of new technologies and (vi) governable, transparent and fiscally sustainable.