Road Safety

Road Safety
Because no death on the roads is acceptable


Contribute to improve road safety in the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, promoting safe and accessible mobility; reduce traffic injury rates (fatal and non-fatal) in the region in order to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants; and encourage the implementation of the Safe Systems approach or "Vision Zero", because no deaths on the roads are acceptable.




  • Leadership and a strong institutional framework is essential to achieve the design and implementation of a comprehensive and effective road safety strategy.
  • Today, all transportation operations, where applicable, include road safety components and since 2010, through the financing of transportation projects, we have mobilized specific investments in road safety.
  • We have developed "Guidelines for Road Audits and Inspections" to support governments so that their urban and rural network is safe both from its design stage and in its execution stage.
  • We seek that whoever requests, contracts or performs a road safety inspection knows the concept and principles of a safe system, in which human life is above any other consideration, and then adopts and implements them even on roads in operation.

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The strategy is aligned with the five pillars of the "Decade of Action", in order to implement concrete actions - and measurable results - that contribute to achieving the goal of reducing deaths from road crashes by 50% by 2020, specifically the Bank seeks :

- Transportation operations with road safety components and focused on their improvement in the countries;

- Road safety as a priority on the political agenda of the governments of the region through regional and intersectoral dialogue;

-Culture of change and civil responsibility in road safety, making the population aware of the negative impact of irresponsible road attitudes and behaviors within society.