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Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)


Contribute to increase the offer and the market of technological solutions aimed at improving the quality, safety, affordability and accessibility of mobility services, the planning and management processes of transport systems, data collection and processing, the analysis of risks and the traceability of operations, both in passenger and cargo transport.

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), through proper design and implementation, become powerful tools that essentially complement investment in infrastructure in this era of digitization, intelligence artificial and the internet of things.

In our strategy we identify the main technological advances, encompassing the traditional ITS solutions: Autonomous, Connected, Electric and Shared transport.

  • Autonomous Transport, in which the crew of a car, an aircraft, a ship, a truck, etc., is carried out by Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms, with different levels of human intervention.
  • Connected Transport, through the use of information and communication technologies to generate and transmit data between vehicles, infrastructure and other elements of the transport system (eg, traffic lights, traffic control centers and mass transport operations such as Metros).
  • Shared Transportation that involves the use and shared ownership of cars, bicycles, skateboards and cargo vehicles.
  • Electric Transportation or electromobility, which refers to the incorporation of electrically powered vehicles, replacing combustion systems.