Bienes públicos monitoreo

Bienes públicos monitoreo

LearningBPR 2

Monitoring and evaluation

The Regional Public Goods Initiative is promoting an evaluation effort in order to find and estimate the impact of RPG projects, and extract lessons learned for other regional cooperation projects. The importance of an RPG evaluation agenda lies in the fact that rigorous evaluation (and its results) would allow to take evidence-based decisions and refocus the RPG Initiative as a relevant instrument for regional development.

RPG projects can have different approaches during the Monitoring and Evaluation process. A first approach can be placed on interactions, products and networks that an RPG project creates during its implementation. Secondly, the spotlight can be placed on whether countries adopt the project on a national level or find some internal barriers to do so. Then, the target is to measure the results of the implementation of the project, in a tangible and rigorous way. Furthermore, an impact evaluation and a cost-benefit analysis can be conducted to estimate the effect and extract lessons about the success or failure of RPG projects.