Conditions for Better Government

Action Plan for Supporting Countries' Efforts to Combat Corruption and Foster Accountability


Corruption adversely affects not just economic development, but income distribution, the legitimacy of the political system, the viability of the state, and the level of crime.In November 2009,the Board of Directors of the IDB approved the Action Plan for Supporting Countries’ Efforts to Combat Corruption and Foster Transparency (PAACT) to address this challenge.

The PAACT establishes astrategic policy frameworkthat seeks to integrate, update and deepen mechanisms and capacities to prevent, monitor and penalize corruption. The PAACTrepresentsa renewed commitment to working, supporting and cooperating with countries in the region in this critical area for development.

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Mission, vision and values


We accompany the LAC countries in their efforts to institutionalize transparency, facilitate accountability and consolidate mechanisms for preventing and controlling corruption by building capacity, generating and disseminating relevant knowledge, and offering technical and financial assistance.


Consolidate a working area of excellence that will position the IDB as a relevant partner in the region and in the international community as a whole in transparency, accountability and anti-corruption policies.


Our Work: Our Behavior:
• Initiative, innovation and creativity 
• Cooperation with and comprehension of client 
• Excellence (technical reliability) 
• Professionalism 
• Integral focus (strategic alliance)
• Integrity (ethics and values) 
• Teamwork and communication 
• Trust 
• Respect 
• Professionalism (responsibility)
PAACT Priority Areas

Country Focus


Strengthening the country focus

Define a sustainable, medium-term national strategy for combating corruption, based on contextualized diagnostics


Sector Focus


Strengthening the sector focus

Analyze, diagnose, and improve the institutional framework for preventing and controlling corruption in a specific sector or area of public policy

Institutional Framework


Strengthening countries' institutional frameworks

Enhance institutional anticorruption safeguards, both at the national and subnational level

Knowledge and Capacities


Consolidating knowledge and capacities

Build a knowledge base and facilitate continual learning in the anticorruption and transparency field