OII’s Prevention and Outreach Activities


The Office of Institutional Integrity’s (OII) prevention strategy is multipronged. OII advises project teams on the identification and assessment of integrity risks and vulnerabilities that may have an adverse impact on the Bank’s efforts to promote social and economic development in the region. OII further advises on the design of practical and targeted measures to mitigate the risk and correct vulnerabilities.

OII shares integrity-related knowledge with operational divisions within the Bank and with our development partners. We recognize that the fight against fraud and corruption requires the coordinated effort of all parties playing a role in the design, implementation and evaluation of IDB-Group financed activities.

OII provides advice to Bank’s management to improve, from an integrity stand point of view, IDB Group’s policies, procedures and mechanisms.


A strong strategy to fight fraud and corruption requires a coordinated effort of all relevant stakeholders. OII’s investigation efforts are primarily reactive and therefore, OII invests in promoting existing channels to report allegations.

OII also works with borrowers, executing agencies, national authorities, civil society, private practitioners and other third parties to raise awareness of the prevailing integrity standards of the IDB-Group and to share knowledge on tools designed to detect fraud and corruption.