About the Office of Ombuds and Mediation Services:

The Office of Ombuds and Mediation Services (OMN) is a safe place where IDB and IDB Invest employees can address their work-related issues and concerns. A single-entry point to seek information or help with workplace issues in a fully confidential setting. It is a space where the visitor retains total control as to how to proceed through the life cycle of their issue and its resolution.

Why reach out to us?

Some examples of why you would reach out to us:

  • Do you need to have a difficult conversation with a colleague? 
  • Are you struggling to understand your supervisor?
  • Are you worried about your team’s performance due to interpersonal conflicts?
  • Do you have questions about the application of a benefit?

What we offer you?

The employee along with a conflict resolution specialist, will determine the best course of action for their specific problem or situation – which can range from:

  • Exploring alternatives with an Ombuds
  • Pursuing informal or formal mediation
  • Providing coaching services to solve the situation or being heard
  • Gathering information about relevant policies and procedures
  • Evaluating options in a trusted and safe space.

Contact information

Ellen Connors – Head of OMN


(202) 623-2790


E-mail office:

Office location:

Room SE-206, 2nd floor / Southeast-corner closest to Macy’s