Natural Disasters

Preparedness Response, and Recovery

Improving emergency preparedness and response against natural catastrophes

The IDB also helps countries in Latin America and the Caribbean to improve their readiness to cope quickly and effectively with a disaster emergency. It supports the strengthening of early warning systems, adoption of communication technologies, public information and education, and preparedness and contingency plans.

Immediately after a disaster occurs, the IDB can assist member countries during the emergency phase by providing up to $200,000 in grants for humanitarian assistance to finance vital necessities such as food, clothing, temporary shelter, medicines, and personal welfare.

Rebuilding after natural disasters

The Bank also provides up to US$20 million during the rehabilitation phase to assist a country's recovery from a disaster event. The resources may be used for damage and needs assessment; cleaning and clearing; and for the restoration of basic services and critical infrastructure to the pre-disaster state.

Immediate Response Facility for Emergencies Caused by Disasters

The IDB also works closely with member countries and other agencies during the reconstruction phase to revitalize economic activities and development. The Bank provides investment support to reestablishing damaged infrastructure and providing necessary services and safety for the affected population; and to ensureing that economic activities are normalized, taking into account lessons learned from the disaster in order to avoid rebuilding vulnerability.