Labor policies are not the only tools available to redress this situation, but they can have a positive influence on key aspects breaking the vicious cycle of low-quality jobs. Without neglecting wealth redistribution, the labor policy of the region must now also seek higher worker productivity levels to promote workers’ well-being through successful career paths. In this way, workers will be able to improve their situation and their capacity to generate value for their country and for themselves.The pro-productivity labor policies that Jobs for Growth proposes are based on two pillars:

Promotion of more formal jobs

The first step towards a successful employment trajectory is an effective labor insertion into a formal job. Given this understanding, four lines of action are proposed:

  • Promoting effective labor intermediation policies.
  • Improving work opportunities.
  • Protecting workers during unemployment periods.
  • Encouraging the formal hiring of workers.
Promotion of productive labor stability

Successful careers are reinforced with more lasting work relations, which will set the foundations for more productive jobs. In this sense, two lines of action are proposed:

Investing in lifelong learning and training of employees.

A simple lay-offs regulatory framework that does not generate uncertainty nor litigation.

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