Energy innovation for the world

The IDB’s goal in the energy sector is to help increase the access of LAC countries to efficient, sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy, in a diversified and secure manner, while reducing poverty, promoting improved quality of life, and fostering competitiveness and economic growth and development.
The Energy Sector Framework provides guidance to our work. The issues are presented along the following thematic lines, which have been determined based on the challenges of the sector in the region, are inter-related, and have different relevance to each country:

Energy access – coverage, quality, reliability, and affordability.

 This pillar is based on the fact that the stable supply of energy at a reasonable price is vital for preserving and improving the living conditions of billions of people.

Energy sustainability – energy efficiency, renewable energy, and climate change adaptation.

This pillar is based on the need to reduce energy use, promote a supply of energy with less carbon emissions, reduce net emissions and enhance carbon sinks

Energy security – energy infrastructure and regional energy integration

Energy security encompasses the management of sustainable energy supply from internal and external sources, the reliability of energy infrastructure and the ability of energy providers to meet present and future demand.

Energy governance – institutions, regulation, policies, and information

. Governance encompasses three important aspects: (i) defining a coherent and predictable energy policy; (ii) establishing stable legal and regulatory frameworks to support long-term investments; and (iii) encourage public and private initiatives that foster innovation and promote research and development.


The Energy Division supports innovative work in energy in Latin America and the Caribbean. It serves as the Latin American and Caribbean Hub for the United Nations initiative Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All)  which seeks to achieve three main goals by 2030: to ensure universal access to modern energy services, to double the global rate of improvement in energy efficiency, and to double the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix. The Division also supports renewable energy innovation via the IDEAS contest, which awards innovative energy projects in the region up to $200,000. In terms of innovation in data, the Division is home to an interactive Energy Database that forms part of the Energy Innovation Center.

Sustainable Energy For All Americas (Se4all Americas)

“Democratization of Energy should be the sign of our times,” said Chilean President Michelle Bachelet at the launch of the Decade of Sustainable Energy for All Americas (SE4All Americas) in Santiago, Chile in 2014. To make it the sign of our times, it is important to understand the challenges and opportunities in Latin America and the Caribbean. In order to accomplish this, the IDB, the United Nations, and key partners such the UNDP and ECLAC havecreated an online hub to promote the work of Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All) in our region. This online hub will be a catalyst for sustainable energy growth, and will consolidate fragmented energy information, and promote transparency, access to information, and the use of standardized information.

Energy Database

The Energy Database is an interactive tool that shows time-series energy data and market/institutional organization in Latin America and the Caribbean and, for comparison, other major countries/regions. View more