Jamaica will improve education system with IDB support

The Government of Jamaica will improve the country’s education system with support from an Inter-American Development Bank US$30 million loan. The reform program combines both policy and institutional changes including measures for better management systems, teacher training, curriculum assessment and school infrastructure deficit.

São Paulo improves highway network with IDB loan

The Brazilian state of São Paulo will improve its roads network with a US$194 million loan approved by the Inter-American Development Bank.   The funds will support a São Paulo State program to rehabilitate pavement and drainage and stabilize embankments in critical segments of approximately 2,500 km of state roads.  

São Paulo melhora sua rede rodoviária com um empréstimo do BID

O estado brasileiro de São Paulo realizará melhorias em sua rede rodoviária com um empréstimo de US$ 194 milhões aprovado pelo Banco Interamericano de Desenvolvimento. O financiamento apoiará um programa do governo estadual para recuperar o pavimento e o sistema de drenagem e estabilizar os aterros em segmentos críticos de aproximadamente 2.500 km de rodovias estaduais.

Panama will improve housing conditions for low-income groups with IDB loan

Panama will receive a US$30 million loan from the Inter-American Development Bank to improve housing conditions with a comprehensive neighborhood upgrading, housing and urban renewal program.   The program will promote improve living conditions and reduce poverty by giving low-income groups greater access to housing and basic urban services. This operation will support neighborhood improvements in four settlements in Panama City with a combined population of 1,600 families and low-cost housing for 1,900 families in the periurban areas of the country’s largest cities.

IDB to help refurbish hydro power plant in Haiti

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) today approved a US$12.5 million grant for a program to refurbish Haiti’s hydroelectric plant and to improve the reliability of energy supply for its capital, Port-au-Prince. Over the past decade the Péligre hydroelectric plant (CHP) has contributed about half the energy distributed by the state-owned utility Électricité d’Haïti (EDH), which relies on diesel-fueled thermal generators to meet additional power demand.

La BID aidera à réhabiliter principale hydroélectrique D’Haïti

La Banque interaméricaine de développement (BID) a approuvé aujourd’hui une donation de 12.5 millions de dollars pour soutenir la réhabilitation de la principale centrale hydroélectrique d’Haïti et améliorer la fiabilité de l’approvisionnement d’énergie renouvelable pour la capitale, Port-au-Prince.  

Indebted poor countries need more resources to weather global crisis, achieve development goals

Doha, Qatar – Representatives from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, other regional development banks, donor and poor recipient countries as well as civil society organizations expressed their concerns on the adverse impact the global financial crisis is having on the progress these countries have made towards attaining the Millennium Development goals.

Os países pobres endividados precisam de mais recursos para enfrentar a crise mundial e alcançar os objetivos de desenvolvimento

DOHA, Qatar – Representantes do Banco Interamericano de Desenvolvimento (BID), do Fundo Monetário Internacional, do Banco Mundial, de outros bancos de desenvolvimento regionais, de países doadores e países pobres receptores de doações e de organizações da sociedade civil expressaram suas preocupações com o impacto adverso que a crise financeira mundial está tendo sobre o progresso que esses países já obtiveram para alcançar os Objetivos de Desenvolvimento do Milênio.

IDB, FirstCaribbean to establish regional credit guarantee facility

The Inter-American Development Bank and FirstCaribbean International Bank will establish the first risk-sharing guarantee facility for the Caribbean region to support long-term lending for infrastructure, tourism and mid-size businesses with strong potential to generate jobs and boost productivity. The IDB today announced its Board of Executive Directors approved up to $200 million in partial credit guarantees to establish the risk-sharing facility, which will support at least $400 million in FirstCaribbean lending to private sector borrowers.

Colombia to help boost productive sector with US$650 million IDB Credit Line

Colombia will help its productive sector remain competitive in the face of increasingly challenging market conditions with a US$650 million credit line for investment projects (CCLIP) approved by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), which includes an initial US$100 million loan.