Transforming the management of water and sanitation utilities


AquaRating is a system based on an international standard for the evaluation and improvement of water and sanitation utilities. AquaRating offers a comprehensive and impartial evaluation of the utilities’ performance, based on indicators, best practices and reliable information.

AquaRating was originated in 2008 by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and developed in close collaboration with the International Water Association (IWA), with the main goal of strengthening the water and sanitation sector 

The rating system allows for better planning and decision-making processes for the utilities’ management to achieve sustainable and efficient outcomes; also, to foster internal initiatives within the organization related to: Strategic Planning, Change Management, Innovation, Continuous Improvement and Knowledge Management

The main users of AquaRating are water and sanitation utilities. Nevertheless, the system is also useful for other stakeholders, such as financial institutions, development agencies, regulators and public authorities.


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