Results of the 2019 Call for Proposals

Under the 2019 Call for Proposals, 101 proposals for a total of US$105 million in requested financing were received. The RPG Initiative had resources in the amount of US$8.0 million to support groups of countries from Latin America and the Caribbean that decided to tackle development challenges or seize development opportunities collectively.

The 13 finalist proposals to be financed in 2019 are:

Proposal Participant countries*
Territorial Information Platform for the Integration and Social Coexistence of Immigrants BR, CH, CR, EC, UR
Financial Structuring and Regulatory Homogenization for the Reduction of the Digital Divide in Central America BE, DR, ES, HO, ME, NI, PN
Creation of the Building Information Modeling Network (BIM) of Latin American Governments AR, BR, CH, CO, CR, PE, UR
Regional Public Procurement Program for Innovation and Private Sector Development Program in the Caribbean BH, GY, TT
Creation of the Latin American Water Observatory (OLAS) BO, CO, CR, EC, PE, PN
Incentive and Support Program for the Transition to Electromobility in Latin America and the Caribbean EC, PN, PY
Enhancing Efficiency through Port Community Systems and Single Windows for Trade GY, JA, TT
Information Platform on Accessible Social Infrastructure to Advance Disability Inclusion AR, BO, HO, ME
Strengthening of the Public Employment Services Network (SEALC Network) to Meet the Challenges of New Technologies in the Labor Market and Include the Migrant Population CO, EC, HA, ME, PE, PN
Strengthening of Regional Capacity for the Integration and Social Inclusion of Migrant Populations CO, CR, EC, PE
Efficient Health Systems: Roadmap for Disease and Death Reduction for the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda of the SICA Region DR, ES, PN
Analysis Network and Good Practices in Public-Private Partnerships AR, BR, CO, DR, ME, PE, PY, UR
Improving Migration Information Systems in the Region CH, CO, PE


*AR: Argentina; BA: Barbados; BH: Bahamas; BE: Belize; BO: Bolivia; BR: Brazil; CH: Chile; CO: Colombia; CR: Costa Rica; DR: Dominican Republic; EC: Ecuador; ES: El Salvador; GU: Guatemala; GY: Guyana; HA: Haiti; HO: Honduras; JA: Jamaica; ME: Mexico; NI: Nicaragua; PN: Panama; PR: Paraguay; PE: Peru; SU: Suriname; TT: Trinidad & Tobago; and UR: Uruguay.