Call for proposals 2020

Past Projects


In response to the exceptional circumstances that the world and Latin America and the Caribbean are experiencing, the 2020 Call for Proposals under the Regional Public Goods Initiative:
  • Will prioritize the resources available to finance proposals related to the coordination of policies and solutions at the regional level to tend to, prevent and deal with future consequences of COVID-19 in Latin America and the Caribbean, in line with the Inter-American Development Bank’s (IDB) initiatives underway to meet these needs in the social, fiscal, infrastructure, environmental, and trade fields, among others. Notwithstanding, the Initiative will continue accepting proposals in other priority areas aligned with the IDB's sectoral goals, objectives, and priorities on a subsidiary basis.

  • Will accept official emails (PDF format) from the highest level of the governmental agency responsible for public policy affected by the proposal, in lieu of the letter of commitment generally required for proposal eligibility. These emails must indicate the intent of the relevant authority to participate and support the project in question, in the same tenor as the model letter of commitment available at In the case of proposals from the private non-profit sector, the no-objection of the official IDB link will also be accepted via email (PDF). Please note that these letters or emails must be uploaded as PDF files directly into their allocated slots in the online submission form. Due to tracking and possible errors, letters or emails directed to  will not be considered.

New closing date of the 2020 Call for Proposals: May 15, 2020 at 05:00 p.m. (US Eastern Standard Time)

Historic Approvals



Transport GenderLab: Bank of initiatives to integrate gender perspective in transport


Strengthening Compliance on a Regional Basis with the Global Principles for Financial Market Infrastructures


Managing Risks Associated with Public-private Financing in Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) Countries


Regional Integrated Satellite Information System to Improve Productivity and Prevent Productive and Environmental Risks


LA-KLEMS: Economic Growth and Productivity in Latin America


Strengthening Regional Health Security: Technical Support to Caribbean Countries toward the enhancement and maintenance of their International Health Regulations (IHR 2005) core Competencies


Information System for International Cooperation


Replicability of the Regional Mechanism for the Adoption of Climate Shielding in Public Infrastructure


Regional Strategy for Promoting Investments and Exports in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC)


Latin American and Caribbean Coalition against Racism, Discrimination, and Xenophobia


Big data use for government efficiency and regional integration


Project to create a regional strategic management program for epidemiological emergencies


Improvement of Urban Solid Waste Management (RSU): Instruments to Increase Recovery of Recoverable Solid Waste


Implementation of the Mesoamerican Territorial Information System (SMIT) for the management of disaster risks Mesoamerican Network for Comprehensive Risk Management (RM-GIR)


Program to Strengthen Management and Dissemination of Energy Information for Sustainable Development in Latin America and the Caribbean



Diagnosis of Competition Conditions in the Passengers Air Transport Sector in Central America and Public Policy Proposal for National Implementation


Observatory of Energy Regulation in Latin America and the Caribbean


Development of lithium: Regional Platform for Sustainable Growth


Toward Regulatory Convergence for the Fintech Regional Ecosystem


Regional Tourism Health Information, Monitoring and Response Systems and Standards to Enhance Sustainable Tourism (THMRS) Project: Phase II


Laboratory of Innovation and Research in Education for Latin America and the Caribbean - Phase II


INTAL-Latinobarometro Alliance - Phase II


Strengthening Hospital Resilience to Climate Change: Building the Bases for the Implementation of the Resilient Hospital in 3 countries of the Andean Region


Regional Public Procurement Program to Advance Innovation and Private Sector Development in the Caribbean


Program for the Strengthening of Electronic Cross-border Transactions in Latin America and the Caribbean


Blockchain-based Academic Passport for the Caribbean


Agenda for the Articulation and Cooperation between the Pacific Alliance and the Southern Common Market (MERCOSUR)


Creation of the Latin American Network of Innovation Agencies (ReLAI)


Urban Habitat Practices Platform - Urban Housing Practitioners Hub - UHPH


Design and Implementation of a Drought Information System for Southern South America- (SISA)