The PLAC Network works continuously to generate useful tools that support its member countries and contribute to the strengthening of the region's pension systems. In this section you will find the PLAC Network's Pension Indicators database, as well as its User's Manual. These are comparable indicators among the 19 countries that are part of the Network, and are available in their 2019 and 2020 versions. You will also find documents related to the project of elaboration of a Standard Pension Projection Model, a very useful tool for monitoring pension systems as well as for evaluating possible pension reforms. We invite you to review the documents below. 




The PLAC Network pension indicators present a set of useful pension indicators to identify possibilities for improvement in diverse areas. These indicators were constructed with the aim to become an important tool for the improvement of the following aspects of pension systems: coverage, benefit sufficiency, financial sustainability, equity and social solidarity, efficiency and institutional capacity. The comparability of these indicators is an important feature, since it allows for the identification of areas of cooperation and knowledge exchange among countries. 


The current panorama of pension systems in Latin America and the Caribbean makes it necessary to build an actuarial model to assess and simulate in a realistic framework the changes in the relevant parameters of the pension systems. The conceptual model developed by the IDB is a collaborative platform that allows the discussion of actuarial concepts and projection options, and provides a framework for each user to develop a pension projection model.

We invite you to download the following materials to obtain more information on this topic:

Update of the IDB Pension Projection Model (November 2021).

  1. General instructions for use of the Actuarial Pension Projection Model.
  2. Methodology of the Actuarial Pension Projection Model.
  3. Description of the Actuarial Pension Projection Model.
  4. Model for Defined Benefit systems.
  5. Model for Defined Contribution systems.

Initial design stage of the IDB Pension Projection Model (2019-2020).

  • Recordings of the in-person training on this topic held in Washington DC (November 11-15, 2019).
  • Application of the standard pension projection model for a fictitious public pension system (June 2020).
  • Recording and presentation of the webinar "An application of the standard pension projection model" (June 4, 2020).