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    We offer solutions to promote fiscal sustainability.

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    We promote effective, efficient and open governments and security for citizens.

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    We ensure access to financing in a stable economic environment.

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    We promote entrepreneurship and innovation


Citizen Security and Justice

Our citizen security and justice programs focus on social prevention of crime and violence, targeting the most vulnerable populations and strengthening the institutional capacity of the Citizen Security and Justice sector towards a more effective, transparent, and coordinated prevention and response to crime and violence. Our evidence-based approach, with a gender and diversity perspective, considers the complexity and emerging trends of crime and violence in the region and prioritizes citizen-centered actions that contribute to the efficacy, accountability, and legitimacy of the police, the prosecutor’s offices, the judiciary, and the penitentiary system within the rule of law.

Fiscal Management

The Bank´s main goal in the Fiscal Management sector is to promote fiscal policies and practices that foster robust and stable growth, promote equity, strengthen fiscal sustainability and contribute to achieving countries’ climate change objectives. The principles for work in this sector include institutional capacity-building in the public sector, recognition of incentives imposed on the private sector, consideration of the pollical economy constraints and dynamics, and the adaptation of fiscal management recommendations to the heterogeneity of countries

Transparency and Anti-Corruption

In the last 20 years countries in Latin America and the Caribbean have gradually adopted a set of international agreements to promote institutional and legal reforms to strengthen transparency and integrity. In spite of the advances at the formal level, countries in the region have struggled to enforce legal reforms and controlling corruption, increasing concerns of impunity. This Sector Framework Document explains why the quality of institutions and transparency are essential for democratic governance, the effective provision of public services and the establishment of a transparent business climate to encourage investments and the development of the private sector. The document also describes how public policies can effectively respond to problems of corruption and integrity.

Extractive Industries Sector Framework Document

Latin America and the Caribbean is the world’s leading source of metals and the fourth most important source of hydrocarbons. In this context, the main objective of the Bank’s work in the extractive sector is to help countries to transform this non-renewable capital into sustainable and socially inclusive wealth.  To achieve this goal, the region needs to focus on: (i) strengthening the institutional framework around the extractive activities; (ii) developing coordination mechanisms to align the incentives of the multiple stakeholders along the value chain; (iii) ensuring a coherent framework between its energy, climate and fiscal policy objectives; (iv) efficiently managing public finances in a context of high volatility of commodity prices and depletion of natural resources; and (v) strengthening transparency and integrity in the management of extractive industries. By doing so, the region will ensure a responsible and sustainable use of its extractive resources, while promoting the generation of shared value with local communities.