Sustainable Development

Sustainabi…. What? Sustainability

It’s a Give and Take

Heat Island, what’s that?

Greening Your School

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Decrease the ecological footprint of your school with this Green Kit

Sustainable Water Management


Even though there is plenty of water on earth, not all of it is suitable for consumption. Did you know that one out of every five people does not have access to safe drinking water and 40% of the planet's population lacks basic sanitation systems?

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Environmentally Friendly School Infraestructure


Educational spaces, apart from their functionality and efficient use of natural resources, should be conducive to learning and offer comfort and security to the people entering them.

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Motivating the School Community to Rise Up Against Climate Change


Making school an environmentally friendly space is the best way to educate students, as well as the larger school community (teachers, administrators, staff, parents) and beyond, on a new type of relationship that we must establish with nature. 

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Sustainable Cities for Smart Urban Growth

Once upon a time, there was a place with good soil for plants and good sources of water for wild animals. People liked it too. In fact, so many people wanted it to be their home, they built a city. How does the story go?

Through these lesson plans, students will:

  • Observe the relationship between the countryside and the city.
  • Promote changes leading to more sustainable cities.
  • Understand how “heat islands” affect air quality and public health in urban areas.

People Committed to Fight Climate Change

Climate change presents huge challenges for humankind. Yet within these challenges lie myriad opportunities for people of all ages, including professional opportunities in exciting, influential fields such as public administration, education, and engineering.

Through these lesson plans, students will explore some of the possibilities for careers in the fields of:

  • Climate change.
  • Environmental protection.
  • Sustainability.

Play and Learn


Water and energy are essential to cities.We as citizens must become aware of the resources we consume and work to reduce gas emissions and contamination!

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Listen to the local community and help them make decisions about a new energy plant. Ready for the challenge?

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Explore more climate change issues

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