We present instruction videos, a Green School Kit, and videogames. These are all materials that teachers and students will be able to use in schools to turn children into brave superheroes with the mission of saving the planet.

Why Learn about Climate Change?

Instead of teaching science by memorizing the lives and theories of long gone scientists, this video motivates your students to do science, learn about climate change and make a difference.

What’s the difference between a meteorologist and a climatologist

Help your students explore questions about climate such as: Can humans change the climate? and What’s the difference between a climatologist and a meteorologist?

Can the planet suffer from indigestion?

Turn your students into energy experts, ready to talk about energy and identify renewable and nonrenewable sources.

How many Earth planets do we need to maintain our lifestyle?

Your students will learn about their ecologic footprint and understand that by joining forces we can face the challenge of climate change.

Ready to get energized?


Your students will learn about different energy sources and understand that each of us can contribute to the Earth’s energy balance.

Can we Clean Energy?

Your students will learn about renewable resources and how they help the planet.

Are you an energy vampire?

Your students will learn about energy efficiency, how to lower energy consumption and the value of clean energies.

Ready to dance the global water dance?

Empower your students with knowledge about water sources on the planet, the water cycle, and water saving habits

Rise Up for Water

Your students will learn how water pollution alters life on earth, affects our health, and has endangered many of the world’s species. By learning about water, each of us can contribute to balance and water conservation.

Prevention, not regret

Knowledge of the relationship between water conservation and natural phenomena can be critical to prevent disasters. Partner with your community to protect the natural water cycle.

Are you really what you eat?

Your students will learn what the soil has to do with the quality of what they eat.

Let’s Value Our Earth

Explore how food production contributes to climate change and the sustainability of different agricultural production systems.

Can we end hunger?

Millions of people go hungry despite an abundance of food on our planet. Sensitize your students about the importance of food security and sovereignty to reduce hunger and malnutrition on Earth.

Healthy mind in a healthy body. Or, is it the other way around?

You can help create a healthy environment for yourself and those around you. Humans have produced environments that are not very healthy, but it's time for change!

Sustainabi…. What? Sustainability

Your students will understand that caring for the planet is to ensure health and economic development for future generations. This is what sustainable development is all about.

Wow, what a landscape!

Your students will learn about landscapes, ecosystems and how to protect them.

Have we changed the landscape?

The planet has changed since its inception and is permanently transformed. Your students will learn about the human impact on the landscape. They will also learn about biodiversity and its importance in the preservation of life.

It’s a Give and Take

For a city to be truly sustainable, it needs to coexist in balance with its surroundings.

Heat Island, what’s that?

¿Heat Islands? These are not places to spend a nice beach vacation. Learn all about heat islands and how to prevent them.

Reutilize, reflect, recycle, and r… what?

You could even start new fashion trends if you reflect, reutilize, respect, recycle and reduce your consumption. This video will help you become a responsable consumer.

Happiest is not he who has more

Explore how to become responsible a consumer. Happiest is not he who has more, but he who needs the least.

Ecological intelligence: Are you leaving a print?

We all want to leave a mark on the world, but it better not be an ecological mark. Your students will learn to make positive decisions about what they consume and discard. They will learn about our ecological footprint, carbon footprint, ecodebit and ecocredit, guiding them to make good decisions to care for our planet.

Greening Your School

Become a green super heroe. A Green School respects the environment and reduces its ecological footprint.

Travel to the center of the Earth

Join your student in an exploration of what’s inside our globe.

Cold or hot climate? Winter or summer?

Your students will learn about the climate in different regions and how we are affected by the climate.

What are el Niño and la Niña?

These are not a couple of friends. They are natural phenomena that affect the climate cycle in Australia, Asia, and some countries in South America. Your students will learn about the origin of these phenomena and their effects on the Earth's climate.

Are you risk averse?

Climate change has already impacted our planet. We have to adapt to avoid risks.

A Planet Drowning in Waste

Our current levels of production and consumption are damaging our planet. Your students will learn how to consume wisely to protect our planet.

What’s the greenhouse effect really about?

Life on Earth is possible thanks to so-called greenhouse effect, but if this effect increases, everything changes.