Why Learn about Climate Change?

Healthy mind in a healthy body. Or, is it the other way around?

Are you risk averse?

Greening Your School

Decrease the ecological footprint of your school with this Green Kit

Comprehensive Solid Waste Management

comprehensive solid

Take a look at the garbage bin in your school or home. Have you ever wondered what makes its content garbage? If you look inside, you may see that the waste at the bottom of the bin is made up of items that are no longer of use and therefore have been tossed out. 

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Managing Risk in the School


Climate change poses new hazards to schools and heightens preexisting ones. Every day we hear of the effects of natural phenomena such as landslides, tornadoes, or drought. Schools, as mirrors to their communities, can implement strategies to counteract risk factors and mitigate the possibility of disaster. 

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Ensuring Healthy Environments

A healthy environment is made up of many elements that are indispensable for our physical and spiritual health, our cultural wellbeing, and our happiness. Among these are, of course, breatheable air, drinkable water, and enough food to feed the community.

Through these lesson plans, your students will:

  • Understand that a healthy environment is vital for student development.
  • Learn how to handle some chemicals and cleaning products.
  • Understand that we must manage our own health—we cannot delegate health management entirely to the public sector.

Play and Learn


The places and environments that surround us can influence our quality of life and health. Play and learn how to keep your home and workplace clean and orderly!

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