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The CIER is a data collection instrument that facilitates school infrastructure management and capital planning. It was financed by the IDB and developed by the Barranquilla’s Chamber of Commerce.

What is CIER?

It is a software that organizes, quantifies and systematizes the inventory of educational establishments from surveys carried out by several countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Why is it important?

The lack of updated information on schools’ physical conditions causes uninformed and inefficient decision making. The CIER allows the existence of an accurate assessment of schools’ infrastructure that would provide strategic information to guide the actions of management and develop better investment plans.

Who can use it?

The CIER is for the use of Ministries of Education in the region, universities, research centers and NGOs that plan to collect and manage data on school infrastructure.

The software is free and can be dowloaded once the License containing the terms and conditions established by the Inter-American Development Bank is signed. 


To request the CIER's License, please contact us to education@iadb.org.