Sanctions Officer
Sanction Code


Project Name
Lake Titicaca Sanitation Program (3730/BL-BO) (3731/OC-BO) Periurban Water and Sewerage Program Phase I and Complementary Financing (2199/BL-BO) (GRT/WS-11830-BO)
Prohibited Practice(s)
Fraudulent Practice
Prohibited Practice(s) Text

Fraudulent Practices: The allegations against the Respondent Sole Proprietorship were related to fraudulent practices for submitting false certificates during three price comparison processes. The Sanctions Officer (“SO”) ordered the termination of the proceedings after verifying the death of the Sole Proprietorship’s owner.


The Respondent Sole Proprietorship (“Respondent”), acting through its owner, participated in three price comparison processes within the framework of the Lake Titicaca Sanitation Program and the Periurban Water and Sewerage Program Phase I and Complementary Financing (“Programs”). The Office of Institutional Integrity (“OII”) submitted a Statement of Charges and Evidence against the Respondent for allegedly engaging in fraudulent practices related to the Programs. OII accused the Respondent of engaging in fraudulent practices during the price comparison processes by submitting false certificates in order to comply with the requirements established in the requests for quotation and therefore, obtain the financial benefits derived from contract award and other undue benefits. Consequently, and in accordance with the Sanctions Procedures, the SO issued a Notice of Administrative Action (“Notice”) to the Respondent. The Respondent did not submit a Response to the Notice.

The SO ordered the termination of the proceedings against the Respondent after verifying the owner’s death, as the Respondent did not constitute an independent legal entity. The SO Determination was final.