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Contact Us


IDB Well-being & Health Insurance Group

Email: hrd/

Address: 1300 New York Avenue, NW. Stop W406. Washington, D.C. 20577


CIGNA HealthCare

Web address:

Phone: 1-855-511-6371 (for IDB Plan Members only)

When calling from outside the USA, you can call collect: 302-797-3100 or 866-763-8442

Fax: 1-844-851-6241 (for IDB Plan Members only) 

Cigna Prescription Home Delivery: 1-800-285-4812

Email: (for IDB Plan Members only). You can use this email address to submit scanned copies of your medical, dental, and vision claims. 


- Medical Claims Reimbursements: P.O. Box 188060 Chattanooga, TN 37422

- Pharmacy Claims Reimbursements: P.O Box 188053, Chattanooga, TN 37422

- Dental Claims Reimbursements: P.O. Box 188037  Chattanooga, TN 37422

- Vision Claim Reimbursements: P.O. Box 385018, Birmingham, Alabama, 325238-5018


CIGNA IGO (formerly, Vanbreda International) 

Web address:

Phone: 1-305-908-9171. From the United States dial: (202) 623-5577 


Email: (for IDB Plan Members only)


- Medical & Dental and Vision Claims Reimbursements:


  P.O. Box 260790. Miami, FL, 33126

- Physical Address for Overnight Delivery:


  701 Waterford Way. 4th Floor, Suite # 425 Miami, FL, 33126


- For Vision claims occured in the USA, please send your claims to: 

  CIGNA Vision, Claims department 

  P.O. Box 997561

  Sacramento, CA 95899-7561


P&A Group - Medicare Part B Reimbursement for eligible IDB Retirees 

Dedicated IDB Retirees Phone: 1-844-852-2611

FAX: 1-855-362-7711

Attn: IDB Reimbursement Account 

17 Court Street, Suite 500. Buffalo, NY 14202 


Executive Secretariat of the Retirement Plans

Email: vpf/ or contact a Pension Officer

Address: 1300 New York Avenue, NW. E0507 Washington, D.C. 20577 

DC Notary public in situ:

Phone: (202) 623-3560. Call ahead to verify availability. 


Tax Reimbursement information (retirees only) 

IDB Deloitee Tax Team 

Email: , Phone: (202) 623-2766