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Resources for Businesses

Second Call for Activities and Research Projects

Research Projects

Uruguay / GEOPS

Determinant Factors for SME Access to Finance and their Impact on Better Business in Uruguay

Based on the National Survey of Industrial and Service MSMEs, this study proposes to analyze, in Uruguay, how the characteristics of a business affect its capacity to access formal financing mechanisms. An econometric model will be used to study how business characteristics influence credit access, looking at characteristics such as company size, the industry in question, forms of ownership, degree of formality, market type, relative profitability, and their integration into productive chains or clusters.

As part of the project, an index will be constructed of productivity policies at the company level to study the combined effect on productivity of applying these types of policies together with access to financing, while controlling for other types of relevant variables.

This study will be conducted by Maria Magdalena Ramada Sarasola, PhD in Quantitative Economics from the University of Konstanz, Germany, and Natalia Garabato, PhD from the University of South Wales, Australia. Both researchers belong to the Economics, Organization and Social Policy Study Group (GEOPS, Spanish acronym)

Latin America / ETEA Foundation

Operating and Institutional Features of Guarantee Systems and their Effectiveness for SME Access to Credit.

Guarantee Funds have become one of the policy instruments most used in recent years to facilitate credit for the region’s SMEs. This study’s objective is to analyze operating and institutional features of guarantee systems in Latin America, as well as the relationship between these features and their effectiveness.

Based on compiling quantitative and qualitative information on guarantee funds in Latin America, a statistical analysis will be made of their recent trends, principal types, and main features. In addition, detailed case studies will be conducted to explain why their application has not had the desired effect. Emphasis will be placed on the need to adapt the operating and institutional features of guarantee funds to the business structure, the country’s financial system, and the objectives pursued by the system (type of businesses to be served, volumes of guaranteed financing, etc…).

The study will be conducted by the Spanish ETEA Foundation for Development and Cooperation, a university center devoted to training, research and action, associated with the University of Córdoba, Spain. The ETEA has recognized prestige and awards for its research on guarantee funds.This research will be led by Pablo Pombo, Technical Secretary of the Ibero-American Guarantee Network (REGAR, Spanish acronym).