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Better Conditions for Productivity (MAP)

The Better Conditions for Productivity, or Mejora del Ambiente Productivo (MAP), supports innovative activities and leading research in priority areas aimed at improving the private and financial sector development.

The MAP is meant to facilitate action to reduce or eliminate barriers to private and financial sector development. These include SME development, credit and training tools for banks and entrepreneurs, agricultural and green finance, and informality, among others.

The MAP focuses on research and activities that address market failures caused by external factors, poor coordination or asymmetric information. In such cases, the MAP tries to determine how to solve these problems with policies that promote areas such as access to capital or productivity.

These assessments, along with innovative, small-scale projects, provide lessons that may be replicable in other areas of a country or in other countries in the region.

A public-private initiative

The MAP prioritizes certain areas of intervention, based on activities carried out by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). The MAP is open to participation by governments and private sector institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean committed to improving the productive environment. The MAP is supported by the Fondo General de Cooperación de España and executed by the Capital Markets and Financial Institutions Division, part of the IDB Institutions for Development.


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