Regional Policy Dialogue
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Open Government Network

The Open Government Network is constituted by high level authorities from Latin America and Caribbean countries in charge of open government public policy. This Network is born with the objective of promoting a regional policy dialogue for designing and implementing initiatives that contribute to the advancement of Open Government.

The citizens of the current 21st century require governments capable of facing the challenges of an increasingly demanding society governing with efficiency, transparency, and broad participation. The new information and communication technologies that facilitate the access to information and its rapid processing are also a powerful tool for collective problem-solving and value co-creation in the public sector.

The Open Government Network sets up a space for dialogue, knowledge exchange and collaboration among the countries of the Region, where the main topics of the Open Government Agenda will be discussed. Some of these topics are: transparency; access to information; design, implementation and participatory monitoring of public policies; accountability and integrity in the management of public resources; new information and communication technologies; and other relevant topics in the Open Government Agenda.