Regional Policy Dialogue
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Labor Markets and Social Security Network News

The fifth meeting of the Labor Markets and Social Protection Network took place in September 21-24, 2015 in Mexico.

The agenda contemplated the following:

  • A dynamic and frank dialogue on the challenges faced by Latin America and the Caribbean to ensure an integral approach in public policy, based on lessons learned and experiences from other countries of the region
  • Launching of the new LMK publication "Jobs for Growth", which offers a diagnosis on the main challenges that labor market policy faces in the region and offers a set of recommendations on how to rethink labor market policy in the region
  • An introduction to the Mexican model, illustrated by success cases, but also by the key lessons learned
  • A field trip to an edge industry, possibly the automotive or aeronautical sector, that will respond to a growth strategy, employment and human capital development to ensure successful labor market paths