Regional Policy Dialogue
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Gender Equality

In order to deepen the relationship with regional policy makers and improve policy making in support of gender equality, the IDB has launched, under the leadership of the Gender and Diversity Division (SCL/GDI), the Gender Equality Network. The Network will offer a forum to exchange ideas, discuss challenges and explore solutions related to the achievement of gender equality in Latin American and Caribbean.

The main task of the Gender Equality Network is to provide a permanent discussion forum, constituted by ministers (or equivalent position) of the public institutions responsible for women´s affairs in each member country. The main objectives of the network are: (i) to produce and systematize evidence on what works to enhance gender equality, as well as on the impacts of gender inequality on development; (ii) to promote high-level meetings to analyze challenges faced by countries and to discuss effective and feasible interventions to overcome them; (iii) to foster the exchange of knowledge among policy makers; and (iv) to promote south-south cooperation as well as partnerships with other stakeholders.

 The IDB is committed to promoting gender equality in the region because of its intrinsic value and because investing in women and girls works: empirical evidence has shown that gender equality contributes to poverty reduction and results in higher levels of human capital for future generations. Supporting countries in the achievement of gender equality will enhance the Bank’s ability to fulfill its mission to accelerate economic and social development in the region.