Regional Policy Dialogue
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Financial Institutions Network

The Network is comprised by high level representatives from the Bank´s borrowing member countries that are members of the Association of Supervisors of Banks of the Americas (ASBA) and the Latin American Banking Federation (FELABAN). The network aims to analyze, harmonize and integrate ideas and strategies driven by regulatory bodies and by financial institutions from Latin America and the Caribbean, to promote the development and strengthening of the financial sector and financial inclusion.

The main objectives of the network include promoting the analysis of policies and strategies implemented related to banking regulation, the identification of weaknesses of the financial sector, and generation of proposals its strengthening.

The network offers a forum through which its representatives can explore various issues that have gained importance after the recent financial crisis and present significant challenges for both public and private sector. The main topics to be considered include the new International Regulatory Framework for Banks (Basel III) and its impact on integrated risk management, particularly credit risk for the efficient management of bank capital, the principles of Corporate Governance Regulation for Supervision Agencies and, Promotion of Transparency and Protection to Users of Financial Services in the Region