Regional Policy Dialogue

Environmental and Social Safeguards

The Environmental and Social Safeguards Network offers a forum in which Latin American and Caribbean countries can analyze common challenges and share knowledge on topics related to environmental and social risk management.

The Network is comprised of high-level policymakers and senior officers of public sector entities responsible for designing and implementing environmental and social assessment and management measures. It also coordinates closely with existing networks of environmental auditing institutions.

The Network creates new opportunities to develop collaboration among environmental agencies through participating in hemispheric or sub-regional events and fostering south-south cooperation. Policy analysis and technical information cover topics such as environmental impact assessment and enforcement mechanisms, consultation processes, cumulative and associated impacts, and management of cross-border risks. The Network contributes to raising awareness on international best practice standards of environmental and social due diligence, and helps strengthen the capacity of national safeguard systems to implement them.


The Inter-American Development Bank is developing an updated, integrated policy framework to manage environmental and social risks. The modernization of these policies aims to enhance the environmental and social sustainability of the IDB’s operations, and better align them with international standards and best practices. To learn more about this and participate in the process, click here.