Regional Policy Dialogue
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Education Network

The Education Network is constituted by Vice-ministers or high level officials of equivalent status, responsible for the policy design of education policy and administration of national education systems in Latin America and the Caribbean. The objective of the network is to create a venue through which countries can share experiences, learn about practices external to the region, analyze studies about the advancement of education policies at a global level, and explore areas of regional cooperation on topics related to the improvement of education in the region. The topics discussed in each meeting are selected by the network’s representatives.

The network has held eight regional meetings and ten sub-regional ones, in which participants discussed priority topics for the definition and monitoring of educational policies of member countries. Topics covered are related to secondary education, teachers’ performance and evaluation, educational reforms, education and labor market demands, financing education systems, education for citizenship and democracy, and policy formulation and the availability of decision making information.

The network’s activities have originated technical cooperations and studies requested by member countries. These studies serve as background to support the dialogue among members, promoting the exchange of perspectives about policies and current programs, as well as knowledge dissemination on good practices both within and outside the region.