Financial Stability and Development Network (FSD)

The FSD network coordinates policy responses to common policy challenges across its South American central bank members. It strengthens analytical capacity and contributes to collaboration by coordinating research agendas and holding capacity building activities, as well as regular technical dialogues

Check the 2022 FSD Network calendar here.


What are the Network activities and goals?

The Network activities include: i) maintaining a regular and well-informed policy dialogue; ii) discussing topics of current relevance in international forums to improve mutual understanding and policy responses to regional challenges; iii) building a common research and knowledge dissemination agenda; iv) enhancing analytical capacity applied to policy issues; v) sharing know-how and best practices; vi) boosting the flow of data and information among the Central Bank members.


Who are the members of the Network?

  • Banco Central de la República Argentina
  • Banco Central de Bolivia
  • Banco Central do Brasil
  • Banco Central de Chile
  • Banco de la República de Colombia
  • Banco Central del Ecuador
  • Banco Central del Paraguay
  • Banco Central de Reserva del Perú
  • Banco Central del Uruguay


What are the current, planned and past activities?

In 2021, the FSD network coordinated four policy dialogues (one roundtable, one conference, and two workshops), five online training courses, and two research conferences. It also published two working papers and coordinated a database project among five central banks. – see more information in FSD Activities


Contact Information

Victoria Nuguer, Team Leader of the FSD Network and Senior Research Economist

Ana Cepeda Valor, Technical Coordinator of the FSD Network