The Creative Economy Network is constituted by high-level public officials responsible for the policies regarding creative and cultural industries of Latin America and the Caribbean. The purpose of the network is to serve as a dialogue space for the region’s main actors and IDB specialists in favor of the cultural and creative sector’s redesign and its intersectoriality with more traditional industries.

The policies on the Creative Economy are development variables of any society. That is why it is so important for culture ministries to work intersectorially with tributary and productive development ministries, as well as with other institutions, to amplify their impact.

The Network focuses on two lines of activity: (i) the intersectoriality within the different ministries, which represents an opportunity for policy makers to capitalize on the cultural and creative sector’s production and thus build more cohesive policies in terms of planning and design through these new links between sectors wishing to address the SDG; and (ii) to sensivitize and strengthen the relationships in order to contemplate a collective strategy in the face of inherent challenges of public policy development.

Some of the topics covered in the Network’s activities include: (i) the cultural and creative sector’s upskilling through digitalization; (ii) better practices aimed at the sector’s formalization; (iii) finance mechanisms for the development of the creative economy, and (iv) programs to strengthen urban and local development strategies through culture and creativity.