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Facundo Salinas
Director of the National Investment System of Paraguay

 ¿Why is InvestmentMap a useful platform for transparency in Paraguay?

 How can information management tools help us to comply with international transparency standards?

 What expected benefits will InvestmentMap have for the citizens of Paraguay?

 What expected benefits will InvestmentMap have for the institution that you lead?

 Is InvestmentMap a dashboard to take decisions?

 What technical capacities can the IDB bring to the governments wishing to implement this type of platforms?

 How can a platform like InvestmentMap be synchronized with social media and other media outlets?

 What advice would you give to other countries that are advancing in the design of this type of tools?

 How can we ensure the commitment of all the spheres of government that have to disclose information?

 How can we make a tool like InvestmentMap sustainable?

Manuel Fernando Castro
Deputy Director of Public Investment and National Planning of Colombia

 What are georeferencing platforms, and why are they useful for the transparency of a government?

What are the benefits for the citizens and the national government of this type of tool?

Has the state suspended those who do not use this tool from cashing in further public resources?

What can the IDB offer when it comes to strengthening technical capacities?

What advice can you give to the countries that are considering the use of such a tool?

Luis Lara
Head of the Informatic Center, Comptroller General, Republic of Chile

What are georeferencing platforms, and why are they useful for the transparency of a government?

How will this tool help the citizens and the private sector to take better decisions in order to improve the quality of public services?

How have you dealt with the fact that different databases were involved, and that an exchange of information between different entities was needed?

How do we know if citizens use the visualization of this type of information to improve their decisions?

How do you see the separation between the internal capacity that has to be generated to the entities that are formulating this type of tools?

How do you adapt these efforts to mobile devices?

What is the capacity of the IDB to consolidate a new framework of entities that want to advance in the adoption of this type of tools?

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