The Public Administration Transformation Cluster promotes the transformation of Public Administration structures and processes to improve the management capabilities of state agencies to face increasingly complex problems and demands of the citizenry. We facilitate the implementation of the government's priorities and its public policies in order to produce more effective, efficient, and inclusive services.


From Control-oriented Management to Strategic Management


The Transformation of the Government Center


Management of Public Employment and Salaries: Transforming Human Talent


Strategic Governance of Infrastructure and Public Assets

Risk Management in Public Administration


From Control-oriented Management to Strategic Management: Financial Administration Modernization Program (Ecuador, 2019). This program seeks to strengthen the capacity of the Government of Ecuador to assign, manage, and monitor the use of public resources efficiently and safely. In particular, this program supports the institutional modernization of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, strengthening areas such as fiscal risk management and the quality of spending.

Transformation of the Government Center: Innovation program to respond to crisis situations and management of strategic priorities (Argentina, 2020). This program seeks to improve the effectiveness in the coordination and management of Strategic Governmental Programs in Argentina, prioritizing the aspects necessary to respond to and recover from the crisis generated by the COVID-19 pandemic. To achieve this, the improvement of the quality of planning, monitoring, decision making, and evaluation for the fulfillment of strategic governmental programs will be supported, and the capabilities for innovation and promotion of innovative practices in public management, the private sector, and civil society will be strengthened.

Management of Public Employment and Salaries: Program to Improve the Efficiency of Civil Service (Dominican Republic, 2021). The program seeks to improve the efficiency and development of human resource management in civil service in order to attract and retain human talent that will contribute to consolidating a more effective, efficient, and transparent public administration. To achieve this, it hopes to strengthen the strategic management of human resources, optimize the infrastructure and technological solutions of the governing body, and strengthen the capabilities of civil service to adapt to digital transformation.

Strategic Governance of Infrastructure and Public Assets: Program to Strengthen the Management Capacity of the Province of Buenos Aires (Argentina, 2017). The program seeks to contribute to improving the efficiency of the administrative and technical management of public investment processes in order to reduce the loss of social benefits caused by the delay in the implementation of projects in relation to roads, access to water, and educational infrastructure.

Risk Management in Public Administration: Program for the Improvement of Government Control Services for an Effective, Preventive, and Enabling Control of Public Management (Peru, 2018). The program seeks to improve government control services through the modernization of the management of the Comptroller General of the Republic of Peru. To achieve this, it is expected to improve the management model and the organizational and human resource structure, expand capabilities in relation to interoperability and the use of technological tools, strengthen capabilities in simultaneous audit, performance audit, and fraud and corruption risk management in audit and control, and improve infrastructure for control services.